Understand What's Inside Your Containers with Black Duck OpsSight

Black Duck OpsSight: Understand What's Inside Your Containers

There was a lot of excitement at FLIGHT2017 as Black Duck announced the launch of its newest container security product, Black Duck OpsSight.

Containers have revolutionized the way teams package and deliver software applications. But while they make life easier in a lot of ways, they also make it harder for operations teams to see what applications and components are getting deployed in those containers. Black Duck OpsSight is built to solve that problem, helping infrastructure and operations teams ensure that only containers that are free from open source vulnerabilities and comply with policy make their way into production.

OpsSight automatically scans container images that are being deployed in production or modified. It also provides continuous protection by alerting teams if any new vulnerabilities are reported that affect their applications in production. Together with Black Duck Hub, OpsSight enables teams to build fast and stay secure with open source and containers.

Introducing Black Duck OpsSight, A Proactive and Scalable Approach to Container Security

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