Open Source Research Leads to Innovation at FLIGHT 2017

Research & Innovation Track

Open source is changing the way we build and deliver software and services. Regardless of the benefits, open source-based solutions present potential challenges, such as security vulnerabilities, data privacy issues, legal compliance questions and software quality concerns. Join us next week at FLIGHT 2017 to hear speakers in the industry and academia share their research and solutions for open source governance. 

Speakers with backgrounds ranging from financial services, application development, and education will share how they are applying data mining, machine learning and natural language processing to solve challenging problems in their field. 

Highlights of the Research & Innovation Track Include:

Wednesday, November 8th

Deriving Enterprise Success through Optimized IT Infrastructure

  • Manavpreet Thiara, Director of Global Infrastructure Software & Automation at First Data Corporation, will discuss how to overcome the most common enterprise difficulties in reconciling IT data from global sources that are disparate in time and space and how to leverage big data and analytics for not only cost cutting but also for security and license risk management.

A Glimpse into Black Duck’s Innovations: Open Source Security & Compliance in the Cloud

Service-based License Verification of Open Source Software

  • Computing Science professor Abram Hindle will share the latest insights from his research regarding open source licensing and their complicated constraints.

Managing Web Services at Large Enterprises

  • Francis Ip, Head of Global Technology Legal Compliance at SAP, and Baljeet Malhotra of Black Duck will present solutions that were developed by Black Duck Research to manage web services in large ecosystems of software development and acquisition.

Check out slides from FLIGHT 2017 today.

Thursday, November 9th

Mining Billions of Features for Measuring Similarity Between Open Source Projects

  • Black Duck engineers and data scientists will demonstrate innovative techniques for measuring similarity between open source projects, which are critical to providing state-of-the-art open source security and compliance management solutions.

Understanding SaaS Solutions: The Security and Compliance Risks from Web Services

  • A team of experts will lead a discussion on the relationship between legal documents, privacy, compliance and security risks that come with the usage of web services.

Voatz on Blockchain: Using an Open Source Technology for Secure and Effective Elections

  • Co-founder and CEO of Voatz, Nimit Sawhney, offers insight on why using open source and blockchain technology for elections is the most secure and effective solution when it comes to voting.

Analyzing NVD Data: Key Lessons

  • Nathan Zhang and Baljeet Malhotra, both of Black Duck Software, will take a deep dive into the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and tell the stories you may not know behind its data.

In addition to Research & Innovation, FLIGHT 2017 will include Security, Development & DevOps, and Legal & Compliance tracks. Black Duck is also offering additional training on Hub for both new and experienced users. Register today for FLIGHT 2017 to create your own schedule. See you there!

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