Legal Minds Examine Open Source Management at FLIGHT 2017

Legal & Compliance Track

Open source is widely incorporated into applications built by organizations around the world. Join us at Black Duck FLIGHT 2017 and learn strategies from general counsels and legal firms that can help clients understand code integrity, identify open source licenses and surface security vulnerabilities, and review what measures legal firms should take to protect client data. Our legal and compliance sessions will be led by both Black Duck experts and practicing attorneys with keen insights into how open source fits into today's business environment.

Highlights of the Legal & Compliance Track include:


The Case for Continuous Open Source Management

  • Join Bob Genshaft, Director Strategic Programs at Wolters Kluwer, and Black Duck's VP and General Manager On-Demand Audits Phil Odence for a discussion that will address key open source security and management questions.

Winning the Cage-Match: How to Successfully Navigate Open Source Software Issues in M&A and Other Transactions

  • Anthony Deciccio, a member of GTC Law Group PC and Affiliates, will host a discussion of key open source software-related issues and deal points from the perspective of the investor vs. investee. 

Strategies to Reap the Benefits of Software Patents in an Open Source Software Environment

  • In this session you will learn effective and practical strategies to reap the benefits of software patents in an open source software environment from Giovanna Fessenden and Mary Lou Wakimura of Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds PC. 

Notable Legal Developments in Open Source

  • Vladimir Khodosh, attorney at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, will examine top legal news stories and the current risk of open source usage.
Check out slides from FLIGHT 2017 today.


What in the World Is Going on at the Linux Foundation?

  • Choate Hall & Stewart partner Karen Copenhaver examines the Linux Foundation’s growth by discussing how companies are investing more in collaborative development.

The Intersection Between Open Source and Cybersecurity

  • Jason Haislmaier, Partner at Bryan Cave, will discuss the role software plays in information security and compare and contrast how many of the unique attributes of open source can present particular security challenges as opposed to proprietary/commercial software.

Organizing for Open Source Management: How Different Companies Skin the Cat

  • Panelists with different backgrounds in the technology industry will provide unique perspectives on organizing around open source. Learn how these organizations manage all aspects of open source in tooling, products, M&A and starting up their own projects. Join Phil Odence of Black Duck, Stephen Karp of Aspen Technology, Karan Marjara of Fujitsu, and Terence Runge of Blackbaud.

New Security Legislation & Its Implications for OSS Management

  • This session will focus on the General Data Protection Regulation, not only because it applies to everyone, but also because its requirements are in many ways the most detailed and prescriptive. During this session, Dan Hedley of Thomas Egger will touch on GDPR, what the new laws state, and how to go about applying them to your OSS management.

In addition to Legal & Compliance, FLIGHT 2017 will include Security, Development & DevOps, and Research & Innovation tracks. Black Duck is also offering additional training on Hub for both new and experienced users. Register today for FLIGHT 2017 to create your own schedule. See you there!

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