Your Customer Feedback Is Powering Black Duck's 2018 Roadmap


FLIGHT 2017 was a great experience — from the sessions to the networking to the discussions — and yes, the parties too. Most importantly, at least for me, was learning from our customers. It was amazing to meet so many of you in person after months of emails, phone calls and video conferences. I was energized by listening to you share your priorities, and I noticed several areas of alignment with plans we've been making at Black Duck.

Here are a few of the top requests I heard from our customers:


Customer after customer mentioned that they are looking for even more automation — anything to make their work lives easier and their work more seamless. “Make it so I don’t have to think about it” was the phrase I heard most often.

Move to Containers

Several customers were in the process of shifting to containerized deployments internally, some are already there. They asked for an easier way to scan large container deployments. (Spoiler alert: Black Duck OpsSight was announced at the conference. I fully expect this to be a game changer on the DevOps side.)

Introducing Black Duck OpsSight, A Proactive and Scalable Approach to Container Security

Best Practices

Some of the best discussions I heard came from customers sharing their stories on how they implemented Black Duck and the tweaks they made to get the best results. A few of our expert customer sessions were around this topic, and the questions (and answers) that followed were insightful. Watching customers learn from each other and discuss optimal processes was inspiring. Of course, I wouldn’t be a customer marketer if I didn’t remind everyone that the Customer Success Community discussion boards are a great place to post your questions and answers any time.

Customer Feedback

There are many other ways we listen to customer feedback as well. Two weeks before the conference, we wrapped up our Net Promoter Score survey — our formal customer survey where we ask how likely you would be to recommend Black Duck to a friend or colleague and why. The comments we heard from this survey mirrored those we heard at the conference. This allows us to get a clear path forward for product enhancements to help you secure and manage your code.

Building Our 2018 Roadmap

All this feedback has been helpful, and our product team is working on ways to incorporate it into our 2018 roadmap. What can you do in the meantime? If you haven’t upgraded your Hub instance to the latest version, definitely make the move to do so. We improve accuracy and features with each release and Hub 4.3.1 is no different — in addition to leveraging Hub Detect, Hub 4.3.1 offers enhanced policy management and group/user management, all improvements based on your customer feedback!

There are many ways we get customer feedback, and it’s my favorite gift. Please continue to reach out to our team with your feedback; it’s how we make Black Duck better together.

Black Duck FLIGHT 2017: SlideShare Presentations

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