Paul O'Neill | Data Analyst

Paul's background is in Physics, specifically Astrophysics. These days he is a data analyst. Not just his job title, Paul is fascinated with data. His interests include data visualisation, natural language processing, machine learning, the technical aspects of working with data. But Paul's main interest is in the impact of the data revolution on humanity.

Recent Posts

For those not familiar with Stack Overflow, it's a "a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers." Since 2011 they have conducted a developer survey, and have made the anonymized raw data available online. The survey covers a number of topics, some serious, others are

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Ransomware has been a growing problem for the last decade or so, but as a form of cybercrime it is much older. The first recorded ransomware attack pre-dates the world wide web. In 1989 Joseph L. Popp, a Harvard-trained scientist, created and distributed the AIDS Trojan, sometimes known as the PC

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  According to Google Trends, machine learning has shown a steady (almost threefold) increase in interest since 2015. Coursera and Udacity machine learning courses are both in the top ten related topics. It appears that many people want to learn more about it. If you have ever used Google,

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