Alex Berg | Intern

Alex is a fourth-year student at Northeastern University, graduating in the Summer of 2018. She enjoys playing squash, video games and taking naps with her cats. After Alex graduates, she is considering seeking a marketing job with possible focuses in content marketing, digital marketing, event marketing or inbound marketing. Once she’s gained a better sense of her desired marketing focus she hopes to attend graduate school.

Recent Posts

It’s hard to put to words the level of awesomeness it was working at Black Duck Software, so I’ll paint a picture instead (as you know a picture is worth a thousand words). The day of my interview, after a small debacle of trying to find 800 District Ave, I pulled the glass doors open and trekked

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Black Hat USA 2017 is fast approaching, so we asked our security researchers, Chris Jess and Neil Rankin, which sessions they're excited to attend and why. Black Hat's focus on information security provides great resources to the research and development communities, but the sheer volume of

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It’s hard to believe that it's already been three years since the Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) was announced, and five years since it was accidently added to OpenSSL’s line of heartbeat code. While the Heartbleed exploit was an accidental product of the underfunded and understaffed OpenSSL team,

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