5 Reasons You Must Attend FLIGHT 2017 This Year

5 Reasons Why You Must Attend FLIGHT 2017 This Year

If you’re charged with open source security and compliance in your organization and haven’t registered for Black Duck FLIGHT 2017, you need to register today. FLIGHT 2017 is a unique open source business, technical, and educational conference packed into three days that takes place this November 7-9th in Boston, MA.

You'll learn from, and network with, peers who are facing the same challenges you do, plus hear from industry experts on best practices for open source security in your organization. Learn how to harness the power of Black Duck's solutions to effectively manage and secure your open source. Get guidance on successfully navigating open source issues in M&A and other transactions.

If you’re still on the fence about attending FLIGHT 2017, or need some compelling arguments to convince your boss, here are five reasons to register today!

1. Looking to Hone Your Black Duck Skills? Come to Flight 2017

Whether a new user, still in the process of evaluating Black Duck Hub, or wanting to embed Hub productively into your SDLC, you’ll never have a better opportunity to learn than at FLIGHT 2017. Sharpen your skills with a half day of training before the conference kicks off.

2. Don’t Want to Be the Next Equifax? Come to Flight 2017

The Equifax breach is the most blatant example yet demonstrating that most companies can’t effectively identify—let alone manage—the open source components in their codebase. If your company is still on the fence about the value and ROI of securing open source, FLIGHT 2017 will give you solid facts to convince management that they need more than an Excel spreadsheet and good luck to manage open source security and license compliance.

3. Need to Secure an IoT Product? Come to Flight 2017

Researchers Chris Valasek and Dr. Charlie Miller will take the stage as keynote speakers, addressing the future of the security of things, and the challenges and opportunities we'll face as machine learning, autonomous vehicles, big data and the Internet of Things converge to build products and services. They’ll provide an insight on the future of IoT and share real-world solutions for protecting companies and their consumers against cyberattacks. 

4. Anticipating an M&A As a Buyer or Seller? Come to FLIGHT 2017

FLIGHT 2017 has a track dedicated to strategies on how general counsels and legal firms can proactively help clients understand code integrity, identify any applicable open source licenses and surface any security vulnerabilities to protect IP and smooth transactions. 

5. Want to Learn the Latest Open Source Innovation? Come to FLIGHT 2017

Leading organizations are applying Data Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solutions to solve some of the most challenging problems related to open source data management, analytics and visualization. At FLIGHT 2017 experts from industry and academia will share their research and innovation-driven solutions for open source governance. 

There’s little time left to register and make your travel plans. Gear up, talk to your boss, and get ready to attend Black Duck FLIGHT 2017!  Don’t miss out – register today! 

Check out slides from FLIGHT 2017 today.

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