NewCo Boston: Having Fun AND Driving the Success of Open Source

Having Fun AND Driving the Success of Open Source

What do Uber, Amazon, Netflix and Google have in common? They couldn’t have disrupted their industries without heavy reliance on open source software. Join us for the NewCo Boston event to learn about Black Duck and how we secure open source.

I’ve been working at Black Duck for over a year, and radio stories like Tim Kenny’s (he’s our VP of Culture) just touch the surface of what the culture is really like here. That’s why we’re opening up our office on April 6 and inviting you to join us and the NewCo tour of inspiring companies in Boston.

You’ll meet Lou Shipley, our CEO, who will share how he leads our highly successful team and why a vibrant environment and cool culture are key to success. You’ll also learn how Black Duck solutions make open source more secure — a high priority in this hacker-infested world.

NewCo Boston at Black Duck

In addition to a tour of our Burlington office, Lou will share the reasons behind the explosive growth of open source software, which is fueling application development worldwide. As open source use grows, there’s a growing market opportunity for organizations that are finding innovative ways to effectively secure and manage open source in a cybersecurity-focused world. 

Where: 800 District Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Time: 10:30-11:30 AM ET

Join us for this session to learn how Open Source Software is changing the world. Register now to join Black Duck Software on April 6.

Register for Black Duck's NewCo Boston 2017 Session

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