Happy World IP Day

Happy World IP day

Creation, invention and innovation are the fuel of advancement. Applying our creativity and making our thoughts a reality drive science, art and society forward. Today is the 17th celebration of World IP Day!

This day was launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote and protect creative ideas, including music, art, trademarks, writings and inventions. There will be world IP Day celebrations all over the globe – and there’s no one we would like to celebrate with more than our customers! We hope all our customers celebrate in their own way - search the World IP Day events map to find your local event. 

At Black Duck, we work hard to help promote the use of open source software, while helping our customers protect the intellectual property of the creators. Today is a great day to think about all the intellectual property that is so important to our work and lives. 

Happy World IP Day!

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