Yev Bronshteyn | Senior Software Engineer

Yev Bronshteyn is a senior software engineer on the Protex team and a member of the SPDX Working Group’s technical team. His past engineering positions include eBay and Progress Software.

Recent Posts

This post was originally published on the Red Hat Developers blog. Recently, I participated in a focus group where developers were asked to discuss how they make technology adoption decisions. Even “the big guys” seem unsure of how to get developers to notice and adopt their products. So, in this

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Are modern enterprise software architectures doomed to produce suboptimal processes and outcomes? Today, enterprise architects value componentization perhaps more than ever before, given the mass glorification of microservices. Microservices are loosely defined as isolated, independent components

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What's in your software? For many, this is a trick question. In our anonymized study of our On-Demand Audit Services customers, we found that, on average, companies were using 100% more open source than they originally believed. The consequences of such unawareness can be devastating. In that same

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