Rob Hawkins | Automotive Industry Analyst

Rob helps Black Duck better understand and serve the needs of automotive OEMs, leading suppliers, and technology providers investing in the growing connected car industry. He recently graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management and previously worked in the IoT space at a leading energy software and services provider.

Recent Posts

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced recently that it was recalling 7,802 Dodge Challengers to “update transmission software,” in response to vehicle movement (“rolling”) after drivers shifted into park. While 7,802 pales compared to the 811,000 recalled from inadvertent "rolling" last year,

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Last Wednesday the House panel approved a measure to move forward a bill addressing autonomous cars. Does this signal that we are fast approaching the coming of age for advanced technology in vehicles? A history of the smartphone provides some clues as to where we are in the product development

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