10th Annual Future Of Open Source Survey Launches Today

Tenth Annual Future of Open Source Survey Launch

In late 2015, a TechCrunch article heralded the dawning of the golden age of open source. In it the author, Marius Moscovici, founder & CEO at Metric Insights wrote:

“In the new economy, it’s not the code that matters — it’s how you use it to connect people to things they need. From 3D printers to Docker, open-source-based innovation is fueling some of the hottest digital capabilities of our time.

Companies 20 years ago built monopolies on licensed software; today, free and open-source code fertilizes economic growth. The way to win at tech is no longer to own code, but to serve customers — and service has open source at its roots.”

No argument here. And the winners Moscovici refers to are not only in tech. Open source use is ubiquitous worldwide.

The open source world has been Black Duck’s sole business focus since 2003, and we’ve watched it grow from a speck on the technology landscape to a major innovation driver for the largest, most successful organizations.

The 10th Annual Future of Open Source Survey

This is indeed the golden age of open source and today we are pleased to launch the 10thAnnual Future of Open Source Survey in partnership with North Bridge Growth Equity & Venture Partners and more than 40 other collaborators.

This annual assessment of the state of the open source industry and analysis of future trends has gathered insights from thought leaders and the open source community for more than a decade. It is one of the longest-running and broadest surveys of open source today.

Organizations rely on open source to innovate, to reduce development costs, and to speed time to market. Nonetheless, important questions remain about open source security, management, policies and procedures, and governance. The Future of Open Source Survey, which includes input from startups, established leaders and influencers across vertical markets and communities, drives broader industry awareness of, and discussions of key issues.

Black Duck, North Bridge and our collaboration partners invite you to participate in this survey. Click here to be part of the conversation.

The survey is open for a month. At the end of April we will present a webinar during which a panel of experts, including Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond, will discuss this year’s results.

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